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Industrial Metal Finishing
About Us
Electroplating in Augusta, GA
Industrial Metal Finishing is a full-service electroplating company that coats metal with metal for clients throughout the Southeast.

Industrial Metal Finishing is located in Augusta, Georgia offering electroplating services throughout the Southeast. Industrial Metal Finishing was founded in 1980 by John Harley of Augusta and was established to provide electroplating services to the manufacturing community in the Augusta area.

The current ownership took over in 1982 and has maintained quality and efficiency with Industrial Metal Finishing services throughout the CSRA. The business was incorporated in the state of Georgia in 1983.

Although Industrial Metal Finishing is located in Augusta, Georgia and predominantly serving the CSRA and the southeastern United States, we have done plated work for clients in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Louisiana and Texas.

The principles, Billy J. Middleton, President and Joseph D. Thompson, Sec/Treasurer have enjoyed lengthy careers in the metal finishing/ plating industry. Joe began his career in the mid-1960s with Augusta Plating, Inc. and Billy joined him there in the early 1970s. Joe and Billy joined in the start-up and development of Industrial Metal Finishing in 1980, assuming ownership in January 1982.

Industrial Metal Finishing, Inc. has provided plating services over the years for a wide variety of industries. We have plated parts for the aerospace, automotive, electrical, military, railroad, plumbing, control valve, appliance, textile, lawn equipment, golf cart, fastener, furniture, and lighting industries.

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